A private garden…

The gite is featuring a private garden, providing external garden furniture set and barbecue when extended summer evenings celebrate.

A wide living-room.

Lounge, dining-room and kitchen are combined in the living-room. Thanks to a large french window opening onto the garden, this room is very bright .Ceiling features beautifiul ancient limewashed beams, the tiled terra cotta floor displays shimmering colours, and exposed stone walls or saffroned lime milk wall…

In the lounge, armchairs are disposed around the Louis XVI style fireplace for convivial and cosy evenings.

In the dining-room, by the Louis Philippe double chest buffet, an elegant 8 feet walnut table and its straw-bottomed chairs, family or friend shared meals will be highly appreciated.

Kitchen and living-room are separated by a painted wooden panelling counter : old time charming style with its magnificent vaniila tone flooring tiled meet latest today equipement (dishwasher, oven, cooktop, hood, microwave oven, fridge and freezer).

Next door, aditional equipement is available in the cellar : washing-machine, clothes-dryer, ironing board..