…. The dreams island

The 9.000 m² grounds welcome everyone and propose games for adults and children alike : swing, ping pong, petanque, badminton, croquet…

Come and visit our poultry farming with collector hens and ducks, the mini-goats aera, Clara named pony and Tartine named donkey.
You will also appreciate the 2.500 m² « dreams » island , featuring a pond, 3 oak and ash tree shaded tables for picnic, pure bliss for anglers.

From the grounds entrance, you will discover our organic veggie plot whose luxuriance results from home-made compost, natural processing : nettles, field horsetail…
Next door, red berries garden and herbs garden, where you can take some readings or have a fresh mint infusion in the summer house.

Anglers’ heaven.

Charente shaded banks or beautifully mature island featuring 3 picnic tables, will welcome anglers.

Pike,carp,chub, perch are dominant species in the river