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Château de Balzac

Château de Balzac Charente

J-L G d B writer’s Historic house, built by his parents around 1600. Summertime visit only.

St-Amant de Boixe Abbey


Northern Angoulême, this huge abbey has been overlooking onto Boixe region for more than 1.000 years.Looking around, only its steeple can be seen from the small Javart valley, Charente river’s tributary.

La Rochefoucauld


Nicknamed « the Angoumois pearl », the castle overlooks the valley.When visiting you will see several rooms and lounges, the Renaissance galery, the chapel, the spiral staircase, Marguerite de Valois’ wood-panelling boudoir and François’ library Duke of la Rochefoucauld the famous maxims author.

Paper Mill

Moulins à Papier Charente

During the XVII century, Charente Paper mills used to export Angoulême vellum to the whole of Europe.

Cruise along river


Get on board at Houmeau harbour along with the Angoumois and enjoy a theme stroll : Bacchus, Mill Paper history….

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